Company Profile

Company Overview

Company name
Sumitomo Seimei Gotanda Bldg. 2F,
5-1-11, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032 Japan
Paid in capital
310 million yen
President & CEO
Kenji Inaba

1) Manufacture of drinking straws, milk caps and other plastic products

2) Sales distribution of Solo Cup Company products

3) Licensing business for cups and food containers

Office & Factories
Fuji office and plant, Kumamoto plant
Chief products
Drinking straws, milk caps, other plastics products for food containers Solo Cup Products
Main business partners
Major dairy products manufacturers and beverage manufacturers
Banking relationship
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.


1955 Jun. Established as a milk cap manufacturer at Fuji city in Shizuoka pref. (Capital 500,000 yen)
1965 Apr. Acquired Modem Package Co.,Ltd. (Capital 56,000,000 yen)
1966 Feb. Established Shiga plant at Yokaichi city in Shiga Pref. for the central Japan delivery
1969 Nov. Established Kyusyu Sanyo Co.,Ltd. in Kumamoto Pref.(Capital 30,000,000 yen)
1975 Feb. Established Jirocho Plant as a cup manufacturer in Fuji city Obuchi
1979 Nov. Established Showa Plastic Co.,Ltd. (Capital 10,000,000 yen)
1993 Jun. Acquired Showa Plastic Co.,Ltd. (Capital 281,500,000 yen)
1995 Jun. Changed the company name as Sanyo Pax Co.,Ltd.
1995 Dec. Introduction of stock (withdrawn in 2002) (Capital increased to 1,04 billion yen)
1999 May. Obtained ISO9002 at Jirocho plant
2001 May. Became a subsidiary of Solo Cup Company
2002 Jan. Obtained ISO9002 at Fuji plant
2002 Apr. Moved the head office to Minato-ku Tokyo
2002 Nov. Acquired Kyushu Sanyo Co.,Ltd.
2003 Jun. Changed the company name as Solo Cup Japan/Solo Cup Asia Pacific Japan
2005 Mar. Moved the head office to Meguro-ku Tokyo
2006 Dec. Sold the paper cup manufacture business (with 2 factories) to Shikoku Kakoki Co.,Ltd.
2006 Dec. Moved the Nishi-nihon office to Omihachiman city from Yokaichi city 
2007 Nov. Bought by Phoenix Capital Co.,Ltd. named as Nippon Straw Co.,Ltd..
2008 Apr. Obtained ISO9001 at Kumamoto plant
2008 Jul. Merged into a Company with Nippon Straw Asia pacific, named as Nippon Straw Co.,Ltd.
2009 Dec. Obtained ISO14001 at Head Office, Fuji Office and Kumamoto Plant
2011 Feb. Obtained ISO14001 at Fuji plant
Aug. Merged into a company with the 100% parent company, Nippon Straw Holdings Co.,Ltd., the company exists renamed as Nippon Straw Co.,Ltd.
2012 Mar. Moved the head office to Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
2014 Feb. Became a subsidiary of Mitsui-Matsushima Co.,Ltd.


Head Office of Nippon Straw Co.,Ltd. is located in Tokyo. In addition, we have two plants and an office outside of Tokyo area. Both two plants have the same quality of facilities for technological development, operation and delivery service.

Fuji office and plants
Fuji office and plant

3-4-21,Kunikubo, Fuji-city, Shizuoka Pref.417-0071,Japan
TEL: +81(545)57-0505
FAX: +81(545)55-0107

Kumamoto plants
Kumamoto plant

7-4-8, Toshima-nishi, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-city,
Kumamoto Pref.861-8043,Japan
TEL: +81(96)367-0001
FAX: +81(96)331-1134

Risk management

The two plants, one is mainly for the central Japan delivery, located in Shizuoka Pref., another is mainly for the west part of Japan delivery, located in Kumamoto Pref.

Delivery Service

Because of the locations of each plant, the constant and stable delivery is available. Also we can reduce the delivery cost by these operations.